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サスケ Albums
November's Chopin1 Nov 2005
The Eight Dimensions19 Jul 2002JVR
Jay Chou Live Concert29 Jan 2008JVR
Jay's FantasyJVR
Jay7 Nov 2000
Fantasy20 Sep 2001
On The Run1 Nov 2007JVR
8th Dimension19 Jul 2002
Ye Hui Mei31 Jul 2003
Novemeber's ChopinJVR
Qi Li Xiang3 Aug 2004
Huo Yuan ChiaJVR
Curse Of The Golden FlowerJVR
Qi Li Xiang / The One
七里香 (Common Jasmin Orange)3 Aug 2004
I Want Happiness?WM Taiwan
Star3 Aug 2007EMI Taiwan
Maybe TomorrowWM Hong Kong
A Mei Supreme Entertainment World Concert in 2002 CDWM Hong Kong
FeverWM Hong Kong
AMIT31 Aug 2009Gold Typhoon Music
TruthWM Hong Kong
1996-2000 Best Of28 Dec 1999
Jie Mei13 Dec 1996
BraveWM Hong Kong
Star Live Concert2 Nov 2007EMI Taiwan
五月之戀電影原聲 (disc 1)13 Jul 2004
I Will3 Mar 2008음악
晴天, 雨天 (Moving On)음악
GOLDEN☆BEST/カズン 冬のファンタジー/シングル・コレクション
Ageless Tale
PRIVATE CORNER26 Feb 2010Universal Music Ltd.
Life Is Like a Dream22 Apr 2004Universal Music Taiwan
JACKY CHEUNG 1519 Jan 2000Universal Music Taiwan
BLACK & WHITE7 Mar 2005Universal Music Taiwan
Jacky1 Oct 1987Universal Music Ltd
By Your Side26 Jan 2007Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.
Jacky Cheung2 Oct 2005Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.
張學友 活出生命Live演唱會 (disc 2)2004
Amour/遙遠的她30 Dec 1985
一生跟你走 (disc 2)1994
一生跟你走 (disc 1)29 Mar 1995
Qing Bu Jin1 Mar 1991Universal Music Taiwan
Live The Life4 Mar 2005Universal Music Taiwan
Music Odyssey Grand Finale9 Jun 2003Universal Music Taiwan
Jacky Fever8 Nov 2001Universal Music Taiwan
Where Is He13 Mar 2003Universal Music Taiwan
AMOUR / 遙遠的她10 Aug 1994Universal Music Taiwan
Me and You
Tin Ha Dai Yat Lau25 May 2001
Best of
Never Forgotten You
Gei Wo Qin Ai De25 May 1989Universal Music Taiwan
Ban Li Jin 88 Pin Yin Se Xi Lie - Jacky Cheung "Love You More & More" Greatest Hits1 Jul 1992Universal Music Taiwan
Legends - Wo Yu Ni13 Dec 2005Universal Music Taiwan
Meng Zhong De Ni12 Sep 1990Universal Music Taiwan
Qing Yuan Shi Zai - '95 You Xue You Taiwan Yan Chang Hui2 Oct 2005Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.
Jacky Cheung - You Ge Ren Yan Chang Hui 199926 May 1999Universal Music Taiwan
Yi Ke Bu Bian xin28 Aug 1991Universal Music Ltd
Walk By 19998 Nov 1999Universal Music Taiwan
Wu Yu Ni27 Jul 1993Universal Music Taiwan
San Nian Liang Yu14 Dec 1995Universal Music Taiwan
Yi Luan Qing Mi20 Jun 2001Universal Music Taiwan
Zuo Ye Meng Hun Zhong26 May 1988Universal Music Taiwan
Shi Fang Zi Ji2 Oct 2005Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.
Ai, Huo, Hua27 Nov 1992Universal Music Ltd
Jacky Cheung Complete Live Box Set6 Jan 2004Universal Music Taiwan
Jacky Cheung Gold Disc Compilation Collection2 Feb 2006Universal Music Ltd.
Yi Sheng Gen Ni Zou - Jacky Cheung Nian Du Dai Biao Zuo Pin Ji3 Jun 1994Universal Music Ltd. (Malaysia branch)
Xiang Ai20 Jul 1988Universal Music Taiwan
Amour / Yao Yuan De Ta10 Aug 1994Universal Music Taiwan
Zi Yuen Yi Sheng Ai Yi Ren13 Aug 1990Universal Music Taiwan
Qing Wu Si Gui20 Jun 2001Universal Music Taiwan
Back To Black Series - Ai Nai Duo Yi Xie "Jing Xuan"24 Sep 2008Universal Music Ltd.
Back To Black Series - Si Ceng Xiang Shi24 Sep 2008Universal Music Ltd.
Love & Symphony / Music Horizons Live11 Aug 2006Universal Music Taiwan
Yong You22 Sep 1995Universal Music Taiwan
Wen Bie22 Mar 1999Universal Music Ltd
BTB 3EP張學友+黃凱芹9 Oct 2009Universal Music Taiwan
情緣十載 - '95友學友台灣演唱會5 Feb 1996Universal Music Taiwan
"DSD 視聽之王-張學友""愛你多一些""精選"6 May 2009Universal Music Taiwan
學友光年世界巡迴演唱會'07 ENCORE台北23 Jan 2009Universal Music Ltd.
Story Of JuneGold Label
The Story Of June12 Jun 2006Gold Label
Effort And LoveGold Label
Edmond Leung Collections27 Sep 2007Gold Label
Trust Love5 Jan 2004EMI Hong Kong
Zi Zou Cong Ming30 Aug 2007Gold Label
Zhu Ding7 Oct 2007Gold Label
Qing Chang Zai5 Jan 2004EMI Hong Kong
Xin Wen Nu Lang5 Jan 2004EMI Hong Kong
Bu Bu Gao5 Jan 2004EMI Hong Kong
Pi Tou Si (903 Gig Live)21 Oct 2004Gold Label
Qi You (903 Gig Live)21 Oct 2004Gold Label
Edmond 1023 Dec 2003EMI Hong Kong
Jian Dui2 Nov 2004Gold Label
Shi Tu Xing Chuan5 Jan 2004EMI Hong Kong
Ba Li Gong Lu2 Nov 2004Gold Label
Motclub 903 Fa Yuan Di Du Le Le Edmond Leung Yin Yue Hui23 Dec 2003EMI Hong Kong
Jian Dui (Captain'S Solo)13 Jan 2005Gold Label
Zui Bei Ai Di Shi2 Nov 2004Gold Label
5017 Jul 2004EMI Hong Kong
Luo Man Di Ke6 Feb 2006Gold Label
Tian Shi Ai1 Apr 2005Gold Label
Yuan Du Fu Shu2 Nov 2004Gold Label
Qi You7 Jul 2004EMI Hong Kong
Da Jiang2 Nov 2004Gold Label
Bao You9 Sep 2004Gold Label
Gou Peng You2 Nov 2004Gold Label
Meridian12 Aug 2007
Wonder Miriam26 Sep 2008
Unlimited15 Dec 2006Gold Label
MIRIAM'S MUSIC BOX28 Feb 2005Universal Music Taiwan
MIRIAM28 Feb 2005Universal Music Taiwan
MAKE UP28 Feb 2005Universal Music Taiwan
Single22 Apr 2005Gold Label
Simply Me26 Mar 2007Universal Music Taiwan
Electric Girl26 Jun 2004Gold Label
M VS M28 Feb 2005Universal Music Taiwan
楊千嬅SIMPLY ME26 Mar 2007Universal Music Taiwan
Wo Di Zui Ai14 Sep 2005Gold Label
Miriam Yeung X Chet Lam Music Is Live
Miriam Xin Chang Jin Pai Jin Qu10 Oct 2007Gold Label
Yang Mei17 Mar 2003Universal Music Taiwan
Miriam's Melodies New Songs + Greatest Hits2 Oct 2005Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.
You Guo Qu De Nu Ren8 Feb 2006Gold Label
Miriam Yeung 2004 Kai Dai21 Jan 2004Gold Label
Chang Xin Bu Ru Duan Xun22 Apr 2005Gold Label
Lang Lai Le25 Oct 2005Gold Label
Chang Xin Bu Ru Duan Xun (Chang Tong Bu Ru Duan Tong)22 Apr 2005Gold Label
Di Shi Si Ji23 Apr 2004Gold Label
Chu Chu Wen26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Chu Chu Wen (903 Gig Live)21 Oct 2004Gold Label
Xiao Cheng Da Shi (903 Gig Live)21 Oct 2004Gold Label
MIRIAM'S MELODIES 新曲加精選28 Feb 2005Universal Music Taiwan
Miriam Yeung New Songs + Greatest Hits2 Oct 2005Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.
Xiao Xing Xing21 Jan 2004Gold Label
Ming Ri Zhi Ge26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Da Sha17 Aug 2006Gold Label
Kai Dai21 Jan 2004Gold Label
Xiao Cheng Da Shi26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Tou Wen Du Lu Fu26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Liu Mei Hua Jiao26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Luan Feng He Ming21 Jan 2004Gold Label
Zi You Xing21 Jan 2004Gold Label
Wo De Sheng Cun Zhi Dou27 Oct 2006Gold Label
Lang Lai Le (ROSE)25 Dec 2005Gold Label
Dian Guang Huan Ying26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Zhen Ai Kai Wan Xiao26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Wei You Ai Sui Shen23 Sep 2005Gold Label
Chao Wo26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Lian Jin Shu26 Jun 2004Gold Label
Zheng Dong 10 X 10 Wo Zhi Ai Chang Pian - Yang Qian Hua (Miriam)10 Mar 2006Universal Music Taiwan
正東 10 X 10 我至愛唱片-楊千嬅MIRIAM10 Mar 2006Universal Music Taiwan
GOLDEN LOVE22 Aug 2007avex m/r group
Tonight24 Sep 2008avex m/r group
Psychedelic Analysis14 Jul 2008Universal Music International Div.
Shion15 Dec 2008Universal Music GmbH
6Decca International
BEST OF MUCC26 Feb 2008Fontana International
Kuchiki no Tou12 Sep 2005Mucc
Gokusai22 May 2007Decca
Zekuu20 Feb 2008Mucc
Houyoku23 Nov 2005Universal Music International Div.
Fuzz7 Jul 2008Universal Music AB
Aishuu25 Dec 2001
Saishuu Ressha
Sora to ito6 Feb 2009Universal Music GmbH
Homurauta19 May 2006Universal Music International Div.
Kyutai28 Apr 2009Spinefarm Records UK
Ware, aru beki bashoMucc
葬ラ謳(ボーナスCD)6 Sep 2002
Fu o Tataeru Uta
Ware, Arubeki BashoDanger Crew
Kushiki no TouFw
我、在ルベキ場所(タイプC)21 May 2003
Tsuuzetsu insyou-chigai
Antique (2nd edition)
Waga, Arubekibasho (Type C)
Waga, Arubekibasho (Type B)
Bets Of
Worst Of
Shion (US version)25 Nov 2008Fontana International
Make a Wish14 January 2001
我不是F426 October 2007
Remember, I Love You28 January 2004
FAKIN' POP12 March 2008
SENTIMENTALovers24 November 2004
Ken's Bar10 December 2003
LIFE is...22 January 2003
Ken's Bar II27 May 2009
gaining through losing4 July 2001
POP STAR26 October 2005
un-balanced7 July 1995
Stare At1 December 1996
Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95-'05 “歌バカ” (disc 1)23 November 2005
Sing Forever13 October 2010
KISS OF LIFE16 May 2001
style30 July 2003
Ring7 November 2002
Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95-'05 “歌バカ”23 November 2005
Love Love Love30 May 1998
LOVE OR LUST18 October 2000
Miracles15 February 2001
Kh re-mixed up 128 November 2001
Strawberry Sex22 May 2002
Precious Junk13 May 1995
why10 May 2000
Kh re-mixed up 1 (move)
HEAT UP21 July 1997
Stay With Me1 November 1996
Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95-'05 “歌バカ” (disc 2)23 November 2005
Missin' you ~It will break my heart~30 January 2002
LIFE is...〜another story〜8 May 2003
Team Rock21 February 2001
NIKKI23 November 2005
The World Is Mine20 March 2002
HOW TO GO17 September 2003
Bara no Hana24 January 2001
Philharmonic or die20 February 2008
Birthday23 February 2005
Tower of Music Lover26 July 2006
万凸323 January 2010
萬凸31 January 2010
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Character Song: Mizuno Ami21 April 2004
Koisuru Soldier10 November 2003

There are 240 サスケ albums listed.
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