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Bob Marley & The Wailers Albums
Legend12 Feb 2002© Tuff Gong
Exodus16 Oct 2001© Island Records
Uprising19 Jun 1990© Tuff Gong
Kaya31 Jul 2001© Island Records
Natty Dread12 Jun 2001© Island Records
Songs Of Freedom29 Nov 1999© Universal Music AB
Rastaman Vibration26 Nov 2002© Tuff Gong
Catch A Fire27 Mar 2001© Island Records
Live!12 Jun 2001© Island Records
Survival31 Jul 2001© Island Records
Feel Alright23 Feb 2004© Universal Music AB
Confrontation31 Jul 2001© Island Records
Songs of Freedom (disc 2)1992© Island
Talkin' Blues5 Feb 1991© Tuff Gong
Babylon By Bus19 Jun 1990© Tuff Gong
African Herbsman12 Mar 2010© Universal Music InternationalDiv.
Natural Mystic21 May 2002© Island Records
Burnin'28 Sep 2004© Tuff Gong/Island
Rebel Music19 Jun 1990© Tuff Gong
Trenchtown Rock (The Anthology 1969-78)20 Oct 2009© Sanctuary Records
One Love: The Very Best Of20 Oct 2009© Universal
Africa Unite: The Singles Collection8 Nov 2005© Tuff Gong
Soul Rebels12 Mar 2010© Universal Music InternationalDiv.
Simmer Down at Studio One1994© Universal Music InternationalDiv.
One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers2001© Universal Music InternationalDiv.
Wailing4 Sep 2007© Synergie OMP
Rasta Revolution1974© Epic/Legacy
Chant Down Babylon16 Nov 1999© Epic/Legacy
The Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection20 Apr 2004© Hip-O / JAD
Roots, Rock, Remixed24 Jul 2007© rockr / Quango / Tuff Gong
Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub23 Sep 1997© rockr / Quango / Tuff Gong
Gold (disc 2)23 Sep 1997© rockr / Quango / Tuff Gong
Wailing Wailing Wailing4 Sep 2007© Synergie OMP
Catch a Fire (disc 1: The Jamaican Versions)27 Mar 2001© Island
Natural Mystic: The Legend Lives On23 May 1995© Polygram Records
Best Of23 May 1995© Polygram Records
Gold2 Feb 2006© Universal Music Ltd
One Love at Studio One 1964-19662 Feb 2006© Rounder
Lively Up Yourself2 Feb 2006© Rounder
Soul Rebel31 Aug 2004© Universal Strategic Marketing
Live at the Roxy31 Aug 2004© Universal
Songs of Freedom (disc 1)1992© Universal
The Early Years1992© Sony Music Entertainment
Exodus (Deluxe Edition) (disc 1)16 Oct 2001© Island
Best Of The Early Singles20 Nov 2007© Goldenlane Records
Sun Is Shining20 Nov 2007© Town Sound
Satisfy My Soul20 Nov 2007© Town Sound
Songs of Freedom (disc 3)1992© Town Sound
The Best Of The Wailers31 Aug 2004© Hip-O / JAD
Songs of Freedom (disc 4)1992© Hip-O / JAD
Live At The Lyceum19 Jun 1990© Island Records
One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley19 Jun 1990© Island Records
The Complete Upsetter Singles4 Apr 2006© Upsetter Records
The Birth of a Legend4 Apr 2006© Upsetter Records
Greatest Hits at Studio One4 Apr 2006© Upsetter Records
Greatest Hits4 Apr 2006© Mastersound
Roots of a Legend2004© Mastersound
Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah19 Oct 1999© Mastersound
The Birth of a Legend (1963-66)19 Oct 1999© Epic
One Love at Studio One (disc 2)28 Feb 2006© Epic
Selassie is the Chapel28 Feb 2006© Epic
Gold (disc 1)28 Feb 2006© Epic
Climb the Ladder8 Aug 2000© Heartbeat / Pgd
Destiny: Rare Ska Sides From Studio One1999© Heartbeat / Pgd
In the Beginning1999© Trojan
Keep on Moving1999© Trojan
B Is For Bob23 Jun 2009© Tuff Gong
Trenchtown Days: Birth of a Legend7 Aug 2001© Tuff Gong
Man To Man18 Nov 2005© Universal Music GmbH
Wailing Wailing4 Sep 2007© Synergie OMP
Wail'n Soul'm Singles Selecta25 Jul 2005© Universal Music GmbH
Original Cuts31 Aug 2004© Hip-O / JAD
The Very Best of the Early Years 1968-741991© Blu Mountain Records
Babylon by Bus (disc 2)1991© Blu Mountain Records
Trenchtown Rock24 Jan 2002© Phantom Sound & Visi
The Very Best in Memoriam14 Apr 2006© Charly Records
Rainbow Country9 Jan 2001© Orange Street
One Love Peace Concert2 Dec 1997© Cleopatra Records
Exodus 30th Anniversary Edition20 Nov 2007© Tuff Gong
Jungle Dub2001© JAD
The Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers2001© Music Club
Birth of a Legend2001© Legacy
20 Greatest Hits1988© Tuff Gong
Fy-ah Fy-ah25 Oct 2004© Universal Music GmbH
Early Collection25 Oct 2004© Epic
Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons30 Jul 2007© Universal Music Division AZ
One Love at Studio One28 Feb 2006© Heartbeat Records
Burnin28 Feb 2006
Riding High14 Apr 2006© Charly Records
The Best of the Early Years9 Oct 2001© Trojan Us
Exodus (disc 2)16 Oct 2001© Island
Love Light Shining26 Apr 2005© Prism Platinum
127 King Street21 Dec 2004© Umvd Import
Simmer Down at Studio One, Vol. 12004© Heartbeat
Trench Town Rock5 Oct 2004© Snapper
Live5 Oct 2004© Snapper
Ammunition Dub Collection2004© Universal
Soul Revolution2004© Spectrum
Soul Revolution Part II31 Aug 2004© CHRON REISSUES
Mellow Mood23 Feb 1996© Masters Intercontine
Legend: Deluxe Edition (disc 1)12 Feb 2002© Island
Trojan Explosion2004© Trojan
Soul Revolution, Part II14 Jun 2004© Trojan
Soul Shakedown Party14 Jun 2004© Trojan
Chances Are25 Oct 1990© Atlantic
Soul Almighty21 May 1996© JAD
Roots, Rock, Remixed Sampler3 Nov 2006© Radio Free Tunes
Meggido1996© Island
Sun Is Shining: The Early Years1996© Trojan
Africa Unite: The Singles Collection: Limited Edition (Disc 2)7 Nov 2005© Trojan
Live at the Roxy (disc 1)0 Jun 2003© Trojan
Trojan Ganja Reggae Box Set0 Jun 2003© Trojan
Gold (1967 - 1972)9 Sep 2005© Universal Music Ltd.
The Gold Collection2000
Burnin' (disc 2)28 Sep 2004© Island
Ammunition - 24 Dub Shots17 Sep 2004© Universal Music Ltd.
Burnin' (disc 1)28 Sep 2004© Universal Music Ltd.
The Complete Upsetter Collection28 Sep 2004© Castle Select
Early Music17 Mar 1998
Reggae Roots17 Mar 1998
Live at the Roxy (disc 2)0 Jun 2003© Hip-O
Raggae - The Essential Pulse Series22 Apr 2008© Mirana Music
Iron Lion Zion1992© Mirana Music
Another Dance - Rarities from Studio One16 Oct 2007© Heartbeat Records
Mr. Chatterbox16 Oct 2007
Hot Hot Reggae18 Oct 2004
Freedom Time18 Oct 2004
In Gabon, Africa '8013 Jan 2006
Legend: Deluxe Edition (disc 2)12 Feb 2002© Island
Stir It Up12 Feb 2002© Island
Upsetter Revolution Rhythm31 Aug 2004© CHRON REISSUES
Capital Records Rehearsal 19731991© Emi Int'l
At the Lyceum in London1997© Emi Int'l
Roots, Rock, Remixed - Bonus EP8 Jul 2008© rockr /Tuff Gong
Jah Love8 Jul 2008© One Stop
The Wailing Wailers at Studio One, Vol. 226 Nov 2002
I Shot the Sheriff26 Nov 2002© Island
Japan26 Nov 2002© Universal
Trojan Jamaican Hits Box Set CD326 Nov 2002© Trojan
Trenchtown Days: The Birth of a Legend18 Oct 2004© Epic/Legacy
Colour Collection11 Apr 2007© Universal Music Ltd
Africa Unite: The Singles Collection: Limited Edition (Disc 1)7 Nov 2005© Universal Music Ltd
A Twist of Marley7 Nov 2005© Universal Music Ltd
Soul Adventurer7 Nov 2005© Universal Music Ltd
Africa7 Nov 2005© Island
Remix Revolution Greats1999© Island
Wake Up and Live (disc 1)29 Nov 1993© Special Music
At the Apollo '7929 Nov 1993© Special Music
Reggae Classics28 Dec 2007© SONY BMG CATALOG
The Collection28 Dec 2007
I Know a Place28 Dec 2007
Soul Revolutionaries: The Early Jamaican Albums 1970-197128 Dec 2007© Trojan
The Mighty Bob Marley28 Dec 2007© Pair
Natty Rebel18 Oct 2004
Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, California, May 26, 1976 - The Complete Concert2005© Tribute
Catch a Fire (disc 2: The Released Album)27 Mar 2001© One Stop
King of Reggae27 Mar 2001
The Essential Bob Marley and the Wailers27 Mar 2001© Trojan
Grooving Kingston27 Mar 2001
Apollo New York '7927 Mar 2001
Hit Collection Edition27 Mar 2001© Columbia
Trojan Tighten Up Box Set CD227 Mar 2001© Trojan
Babylon by Bus (disc 1)27 Mar 2001© Universal
Soul Revolution, Vols. 1-22001© Universal
No Woman No Cry2001© Tuff Gong
The Rarities, Vol. 22001© Jamaican Gold
Live At The Roxy - The Complete Concert24 Jun 2003© Tuff Gong
127, King Street, Kingston17 Sep 2004© Universal Music Ltd.
Mystic Mixes - An Exclusive Remix Collection16 May 2006© Cleopatra Records
Trilogy (disc 3)16 May 2006© Cleopatra Records
Fy-Ah Fy-Ah: The Jad Masters 1967-197011 Jun 2001© Cleopatra Records
Soul Almighty: The Formative Years, Vol. 111 Jun 2001© JAD
Roots11 Jun 2001© JAD
Wail'n Soul'm Singles26 Jan 2002
Africa Unite: the Singles26 Jan 2002© Universal
Reggaemania: The Best Of Reggae26 Jan 2002© Esoldun
Best of Bob Marley & Friends (disc 1)26 Jan 2002© Esoldun
Collectors Box (disc 3)26 Jan 2002© Esoldun
Roots of a Legend (disc 1)11 Jun 2001© Esoldun
The Complete Wailers 1967-1972, Part 2 (disc 3: More Axe)11 Jun 2001© Esoldun
Soul Revolution, Pt. 211 Jun 2001
Grooving Kingston 12 (JAD Masters 1970-72)11 Jun 2001© Hip-O
Return to Dunn's River Falls1989© IndieBlu Music
Anthology, Vol. 11989
One Love The Very Best of Bob Marley1989
Live At Miami, '801989
Trilogy (disc 2)1989
The Ultimate Reggae Dub & Riddim Collection2 Jul 2002
Mystic Mixes2 Jul 2002
One Love Peace Concert 19782 Jul 2002
Complete Upsetter Collection2 Jul 2002© Trojan
Rastman Vibration Tour, Philadelphia 19752 Jul 2002
Oakland, California '792 Jul 2002© Pid
Les indispensables2 Jul 2002© Sony Music Media
Reggae Roots : The Music Lives On1 Dec 2005© Mbopglobal-Delta
Reggae Massive1 Dec 2005© Dino
Reggaemania1 Dec 2005© Milan
The Solid Gold Collection (disc 2)2005© Milan
Anthology, Vol. 226 Jan 2002
Concrete Jungle26 Jan 2002
The Rarities, Vol. 126 Jan 2002
Boston 76'26 Jan 2002
Boston 197826 Jan 2002
In Milan Italy, 198026 Jan 2002
In Paris, 198026 Jan 2002
Exodus (Remaster)2 Apr 2013© Universal Music GmbH
Soul Rebels (Bonus Track Edition)2 Dec 2008© Sanctuary Records
Scrolls Of The Prophet: The Best Of Peter Tosh2 Dec 2008© Columbia/Legacy
Best of Bob Marley & Friends (disc 2)18 Jun 1996© Columbia/Legacy
Survival (feat. Alex Sadkin)2005© Universal
Rotterdam, Holland '78 (disc 2)21 Dec 1997© Universal
The Solid Gold Collection (disc 1)2005© Solid Gold
One Love0000
So Much Things to Say0000
In Paris 19800000
Catch A Fire0000
20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection: The Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers0000
St. Paul Minnesota '750000
Behind the Legend0000© Angel
Slogans, Pt. 20000
Slogans, Pt. 10000
This Is Crucial Reggae: Bob Marley and the Wailers0000© Trojan
Rebel Revolution0000© Trojan
Wailers And Friends: Top Hits Sung By The Legends Of Jamaica Ska0000© Heartbeat
Kaya/Soul Rebel/Can't You See0000© Platinum Disc
In Gabon Africa '800000© Platinum Disc
Trenchtown Rock-Anthology0000
Marley Family Album0000
The Early Years 19690000
V2 Wailing Wailers At Studio0000
13 Gold Dubs: Original Dubs and Riddims0000
Babylon By Bus/Catch A Fire/Burnin'0000
Legend ; Deluxe Sound and Vision and DVD]0000
Rebel Revolution - The Extended Mixes0000
Apollo, Ny 760000
Roxy Theater, Los Angeles 760000
Brisbane, Australia 790000
Anthology Vol. 10000
Jamaican Dub Version Vol. 20000© Island
Jamaican Singles Vol. 10000
Complete Bob Marley and Wailers0000
Catch a Fire/Kaya/Uprising0000
Early Years Best0000
Lively Up Yourself Trenchtow0000
Super Hits Non-Stop0000
Babylon By BusBonus0000
Bob Marley Meets Lee Perry0000
One Love-Special Edition0000© Heartbeat
Legend-Deluxe Edition0000
Survival/Catch a Fire0000
Studio Recordings Into Matrix0000
Live at Quiet Night Club 19750000
Pennsylvania 760000
Live Landver 780000© Island
Connecticut 800000© Absord
England 760000
Tuff Gong Studio 74-79 Vol.10000
Tuff Gong Studio 74-79 Vol. 20000© Tuff Gong
Exodus-Deluxe Edition0000
Complete Upsetter Singles70-720000© Heartbeat
Anthology Vol. 20000
Studio Recordings in Matrix0000
Black Progress - The Formative Years Vol. 20000
The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Vol. 1 - Selassie Is The Chapel0000
Boston '750000
Brisbane, Australia 19790000
Portland 19780000
Live in Connecticut0000
Reggae Nights0000© Sony Special Products
Original 3CD (International Version)25 Oct 2004© Universal Music Pte. Ltd.
2CD Midprice Set (International Version)25 Oct 2004© Universal Music Pte. Ltd.
Exodus (Sound & Vision - PAL (Int'l))26 Sep 2007© Universal Music AS

There are 285 Bob Marley & The Wailers albums listed.
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