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Brie Larson (born Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers on October 1, 1989) is an American actress and pop singer.
“I guess I can’t really say where it all started. I didn’t have a light bulb moment when I realized that I wanted to be a musician or an actor; I was probably too young to remember when it the idea came to me. I have always watched good movies and listened to great songwriters. I also went to the theater a lot and that was a big inspiration. I started working with an acting coach and a vocal instructor when I was 6 years old. I did a lot of local performances and stumbled on to an agent in San Francisco when I was 7. There wasn’t a lot of work in Northern California so my agent suggested that I make the move to Los Angeles. That is where I first met my agent, Cindy Osbrink. She got me started working at “The Tonight Show” and that definitely helped me sharpen my comedic skills. From there I booked my first sit-com called “Schimmel”. It was a totally funny show and I was so excited but then the star of the show, Robert Schimmel got cancer and the show had to be canceled before it ever got on TV. I was so bummed but it wasn’t long before I got cast on “Raising Dad” with Bob Saget. While we were filming the show I stumbled into a music store and my eyes fell upon what I thought was the most beautiful guitar in the world. Right away I begged my mom to buy it for me. She resisted for awhile, but finally gave in and surprised me with it. I didn’t have a lot free time to take lessons, so a fellow cast member (Beau Wirick) offered to teach me on set. It was then that I realized that you could take poems and turn them into songs. I began writing all the time, but just thought of it as a hobby. We happened to have a musical guest on the show, Deana Carter, and her manager started talking to my mom. My mom mentioned that I was dabbling in music, and she gave my mom her card. We scheduled a meeting shortly after. They hooked me up with some producers and I began working on my demos. At the same time I finished filming Raising Dad. We did the show for one year and it was more fun than I could put in words. Everyone on that show was so awesome. Unfortunately, once again I experienced the disappointment of being canceled. Raising Dad was not renewed for a second season and it was a really sad time for me. Luckily for me, I went on to film “Right on Track” for the Disney Channel. I had an amazing time working with the “real” Ender’s Sisters. I still keep in touch with them after all these years. When I finished filming Right on Track I went back into the recording studio to continue working on my demo. I had written and recorded “Invisible Girl” and my producers at the time said that I needed a power ballad. That’s when I wrote the ballad on Finally Out of P.E. called “Go”. The combination of the two songs made Universal take an interest in me and we had a meeting with my music manager. The meeting went great and I loved everyone one at the label right away and 6 months later I had a deal with Universal and Casablanca. I think I had just turned 14 when my record deal was official and I just had finished filming “Sleepover”. Not only had the time of my life with Sara Paxton and all the girls, I just landed an opportunity of a life time with Tommy Mottola…so I was a happy girl. After that I pretty much put my acting career on hold and focused on the music. I did a small part in “13 going on 30” and I had no idea that movie would be as big as it turned out. I continued working on the record and spent a lot of time in NYC which I LOVED! I worked with many different writers and producers and it was so amazing. After I thought I had finished the album I went to a Maroon 5 concert and it inspired me so much that at midinight that night I wrote a new song called “Finally out of PE”. I had just finished being formented by my 8th grade gym teacher and I was able to put it to music…I just love that song. I had a meeting with the label already scheduled and when I showed up I surprised them with the new song. Tommy loved it and we decided to make it the title track of the album.
Now it’s nearly 2 years later and the record is about to come out. I really hope that whoever buys the CD get’s something out of it. I think there is a story on the record for everyone. I write about everything and anything that compels me. Not just boys and relationships but stuff like catty girls, feeling insecure, divorce, crazy P.E. teachers, and trying to find yourself. I’m learning with the older that I get that some feelings are just universal and that I’m not the only one who hates their hair or their life at times. I think making someone rethink about their own insecurities would be the biggest goal I have for Finally Out of PE. (FOOPE, like that?). So now I have played on the Beautiful Soul tour with Jesse McCartney, the WNBA, TV Shows, and summer festivals. My next musical adventure will be touring for Teen People magazine and then hopefully my own tour in the fall. I am also starting a new movie called “Hoot” this summer with Logan Lerman and Jimmy Buffet (yes, I plan on having a cheeseburger in paradise!). It’s going to be a crazy summer but a incredible experience at the same time. And as my story continues so will this novella…I hope to see all of you, either in the movies or at a show!”
-Brie Larson
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