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There are several artists that go or have gone by the name DNA:
(1) A New York based no wave band: DNA were formed in 1978 by guitarist Arto Lindsay and keyboardist Robin Crutchfield. Rather than playing their instruments in a traditional manner, they instead focused on making unique and unusual sounds. Their music was described as spare, noisy, and angular and was compared to some of Captain Beefheart.
DNA originally consisted of Lindsay, Crutchfield, Gordon Stevenson, and Mirielle Cervenka, and took their name from a song by another no wave band, Mars. Stevenson went on to play bass for Teenage Jesus and the Jerks; Cervenka was the younger sister of Exene Cervenka of X. This incarnation of the band was very brief, not playing even one concert. After the rapid departure of Stevenson and Cervenka, Lindsay and Crutchfield hastily recruited Ikue Mori — a Japanese woman with little command of English and no drum set — to be DNA’s drummer.
This lineup of DNA played occasionally at CBGB and Max’s Kansas City and recorded one 7” single. Within their first year, they had cemented their reputation as a paradigmatic No Wave band when Brian Eno selected them as one of the four groups documented on the No New York LP, the first recording to expose No Wave groups to an audience outside of lower Manhattan. The other three bands appearing on this album were The Contortions, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and Mars. No Wave was, of course, a movement against new wave.
Shortly after the recording of No New York, Crutchfield left DNA to form a new band, Dark Day. He was replaced by Tim Wright, previously of the Cleveland band Pere Ubu. As Wright played bass guitar and not keyboards, and was the only member of the band to have any conventional instrumental technique, the change in DNA’s sound was dramatic. The music became even more spare and angular, with Wright’s bass lines creating a sometimes menacing sound to support Lindsay’s scraping, atonal guitar and Mori’s irregular rhythms. Their song structures became tighter, briefer, more abstract, and have been compared to haiku.
The Lindsay-Mori-Wright lineup of DNA developed something of a cult following between 1979 and 1982, but perhaps more of their fans came from the art world than from rock audiences. Live shows were frequent in this period, but rarely outside of the CBGB - Mudd Club - Tier 3 circuit in lower Manhattan.
The group’s 10-minute debut album, A Taste of DNA was recorded for Kip Hanrahan’s American Clave label, and was later released on Rough Trade in 1980. Some live DNA tracks appeared on compilation albums while the band was still in existence.
Lindsay, Mori, and Wright decided to dissolve the band in 1982.
(2) DNA’s fresh, vibrant sound comes to you from best friends Dan Book and Alexei Misoul. Prior to forming DNA, the band members individually performed in front of over 60,000 people, released multiple records and toured the U.S. extensively. Their debut self-produced album “Passenger” shows their diverse influences. From Baltimore to Los Angeles and the Bahamas to Europe, Dan and Lex traveled looking for beautiful scenery to inspire their sound. The album allows listeners to share in the band’s experience of taking their music with them wherever they go. “Passenger” was written over a two year period, and reflects the band’s commitment to the unsigned DIY method of recording, promotion, and marketing. Dan and Lex play all of the instruments on the album, permitting the creativity a traditional band doesn’t allow. Viewing the band’s live show allows the audience an experimental experience based on the album’s non-traditional instrumentation. Support from a third member, Dru DeCaro, fills out the live sound and completed the line-up as DNA plan to tour the country in support of “Passenger.” “Passenger,” mixed by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (All Time Low, Cartel) is out now. .
(3) An Isreali trance music duo: They describe their music as “psychedelic-trance”. Band-members include Eitan Tanami and Zeev Kardonsky.
(4) A Kenyan rapper: Produced by Jomino Entertainment. He raps in the “Genge” style found in Kenya (mainly Nairobi). His music is a combination of Swahili and English (the street language of Kenya called “sheng”).
(5) DNA (a.k.a. DJ DNA) was a DJ and Producer, who produced Happy Hardcore and Drum & Bass|Discogs link
(6) DNA – Birmingham, Alabama| |DNA is a dynamic rock/pop band from Birmingham, AL.
DNA has combined individual talents into a versatile songwriting team, playing everything from rock & roll to country, jazz and pop. Inspired by The Beatles, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Who, and blues legends like Muddy Waters, their unique style is built on strong melodies, driving beats and rich harmonies.
The title track from their first CD, Daydreams, has received local airplay.
The Story Behind the Band: | |For several years, Doug played with a local country band called Bear Creek. This group appeared on a Nashville TV program hosted by TNN. Jeff (“Strat-0”) performed as an acoustic solo act.
Doug and Abby met Jeff through mutual friends and began playing together. Jeff and John met at work. Doug, Abby, and Jeff soon realized there was a powerful chemistry, but they needed a drummer. That’s where John came in!
During the early 90s, the band pursued other interests. Jeff co-founded a local rock band called the Mojos, a very successful working band that performed original and cover tunes in clubs and at various events. John began playing with a successful local gospel group, and Doug and Abby created and performed together as D&A.
Abby Burttram - Keyboards, flute, percussion, vocals, songwriter| |Abby discovered music as a child, singing with her very talented family. At age 11 her parents gave her an autoharp and she began singing in church in her hometown of Hueytown, Alabama. She took piano lessons, learning how to read music and realized she could also play just about anything by ear. She continued to play hymns, and sing at friends’ weddings throughout high school and early college.
In 1984 she met Doug, her husband, whose love of music matched her own. It was then that she realized how fulfilling writing and playing music could be. Whether performing with Doug as a duo at weddings and social gatherings, or onstage with the band DNA, her natural stage presence and strong vocals show through. Her love of writing and playing has remained steadfast for almost twenty years as she continues to make music with Doug and DNA. There, she combines her singing and writing talents with the other members, playing the keyboard and flute. Abby is a bookkeeper with a worldwide company headquartered in Birmingham.
Doug Burttram - Vocals – bass, rhythm, and acoustic guitars – Flute – sax - songwriter| |Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, music has always been a great influence in Doug’s life. He grew up as a huge Beatles fan, and this has been reflected in his work. He began at age 14 with a set of drums, which led him to the guitar and his first experiences playing in bands in high school. From there he became a driving power behind the talented local trio named Bear Creek, where along with singing and playing guitar, he picked up the flute and saxophone. His love and talent for writing songs has followed him throughout his musical journey.
Jeff “Strat-0” Nelson - Guitars, vocals, songwriter| |Jeff has always had an artistic bent and a love of music, and at 18 he discovered the guitar. Rock and Roll has been his driving force, but he loves all types of music, including classical. He has been playing guitar, singing, and writing songs for 25+ years.
Jeff’s first professional experience was as an acoustic solo act, playing songs by the Eagles, Credence Clearwater Revival, and others, along with his own tunes. Shortly after his arrival in Birmingham, he met the other members of DNA and they formed the band, with Jeff on lead guitar and all members on vocals. Here, Jeff developed his flair for guitar. DNA played a variety of music, mostly in the vein of Crosby, Stills, & Nash, the Doobie Brothers, and other classic rock staples, as well as original songs written by any or all of the band. They played many club dates and benefits, and their signature tune, Daydreams, received some local airplay. The band went their separate ways early in the 1990s, remaining good friends and keeping in touch. In 1992, he and a friend started a rock and roll/blues band called the Mojos, with Jeff on lead vocals and second guitar. The Mojos were very successful on the local and regional scene throughout the 90s, with many regular club gigs and events. When the Mojos came to an end in 2001, Jeff and the rest of DNA renewed their association, working up more cover tunes and new originals. DNA presently plays gigs occasionally, mostly for fun and to keep their “chops” up, and the members are aggressively seeking to place their songs with established artists or publishers. Their songs are versatile enough to have appeal across several genres, including pop, rock, country, and MOR.| |Jeff was born in Houston, Texas and has lived in California, Oklahoma, Indiana, Missouri and Alabama. He has called Birmingham home for the last 20 years, and finds it much to his liking. He was an automotive mechanic for several years before returning to college, and became an educational program developer with a national automotive training provider. He currently teaches at a college in the Birmingham area.
John Daniel - Drums| |John lives in the Birmingham area with his beautiful wife and daughter. His daughter is the apple of his eye. She is a very talented singer with a bright future ahead of her. John is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys an occasional “road trip.” He loves to take his daughter with him whenever possible to show her “new and different” places in our exciting country.
As the drummer of the band, his talents help pull the group together. John, Doug, Abby and Jeff work together in the creation and development of their original tunes.
John is a true and devoted friend to many, and is loved and appreciated by all who know him. He loves life and all the goodness it offers.
Through the years, Doug’s music has become more mature and fine-tuned. Currently with DNA, a four-piece band in which he sings, plays the bass and acoustic guitars, and occasionally flute and sax, Doug always keeps an ear toward the overall sound. Combined with the other members’ talents, a fresh yet experienced sound is created.
Over the years raising a family, and with a career in the construction industry, Doug has never strayed far from his love of music. He continues to enjoy creating music in a variety of styles.
(7) DNA - Amersfoort, The Netherlands|Dutch poppunk band DNA, one of the first signings by Stuck In A Day Records. Released two cd’s and then split up. Singer Bart van Dalen later played in NIRC and Findel and is now lead singer of Only Seven Left. Bass player Dirkjan van Oord later played in Five Years Later and Snatchin’ Jenny and now plays bass in Diesel Disko.
(8) DNA - slovak raper
(9) D.N.A., swedish punk band featuring Nillen, the original singer of Anti Cimex. Originally called Lennart Munks Nissar.
(10) DNA- Wannabe gangsta rapper from Finland-
11) DNA is a rapper from Queens, NY. He has battled in Grindtime and URL and is a top tier NY battle rapper. He just released his first EP called “The Future Is Now” featuring Lotta Zay, Cortez, Skye, Ginuwine and more.
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