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Heavy/Power Metal band from Japan with some progressive elements, huge Neo-Classical influences and mostly Instrumental formed in Japan, 2007. The band is led by Hiroyas “Iron” Chino a guitarist who also plays in Japanese heavy metal band Lightning. He had a old band/project named HEAVY METAL KINGDOM where he was the vocalist and played guitar.
In IRON ATTACK! he does all the programmings and song-writings himself but has members playing in studio-recordings, but he does also play in various temporary and other short-lasting projects, aswell as being playing as guest guitarist in other doujin bands.|All his releases (in both IRON ATTACK! and Lightning) are also self-released through his own label named IRON-CHINO (after his circle’s name).
He mostly focus on instrumental tracks but has several albums considering female vocals and also songs in other album including male vocalists (as JUN, The Stahl and Yuma in example).|Recently he’s sung the lyrics himself on the second track “Into The Shade” on his album Concerto of the Scarlet Elements.
Much of the band’s album art are parodies of other well known metal bands, such as Judas Priest and Children of Bodom.
Iron Attack releases their stuff through their own, self-titled, record label. Iron Attack has released 23 full-length studio albums (two of them “Best-Of”s/Partly “Best-Of”s) up to date (+ two splits), so all in all, 25 releases. |Also quite part of their songs (all songs in his own-made releases so to say) are tributes/covers to songs of the well know series of Touhou.
Besides having a huge Neo-Classical influence in his music he also takes parts of other well-known metal songs into his own tracks but with his an own interpretation mixed with the touhou-cover.
He’s a quote from him (from YouTube): “Japanese are workaholic. It’s joke. However, the thing that I am always working is true. I’m guitarholic.” This can be confirmed by example that he really does release much material in little time-interval.
Discography:|[2012] Star Dust|[2011] Deamon’s Seal|[2011] Bullet Wind|[2011] Angel Mountain|[2011] Concerto Of The Scarlet Elements|[2010] Poltergeist|[2010] Pre-historic Eruption|[2010] Arashi no Hurricane|[2010] Black History (Partly “Best-Of” Album)|[2010] Best Collections (“Best-Of” Album)|[2010] Vampire Concerto|[2009] Miss Understanding|[2009] Crying Destiny|[2009] Far East Judgment|[2009] Sparking!|[2009] Savage Flames|[2008] Thunder Concert|[2008] Dead Heat Refrain|[2008] Blade Of Ancient Temple (Split with Kissing the Mirror)|[2008] Scythe for the Guilty Riversides (Split with Kissing the Mirror)|[2008] Cave Attack!|[2008] Devil’s Daughter|[2007] Evil Mountain|[2007] Iron Attack!|[2007] Unleashed In The East
Contact:|Official Website (his own blog):|Official Website (old, not updated anymore):
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