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Lindsay Rae Spurlock is an American indie/pop/rock singer-songwriter living in Austin TX .
Lindsay Spurlock is an artist with a lot of determination and a believer in the power of positive focus. Spurlock began her career in a college prog rock band. While mastering progressive and glorious melodies about swordfish with challenging rhythms and time signatures, she began combining her golden voice and experimental experience with catchy pop tunes about life and love. When she began recording these new songs as a solo project, her popularity in Louisiana and beyond grew exponentially, and she found her independent, home-made recordings being licensed for both television ads and prime time shows like NBC’s “Watch Over Me.” In fact, a number of magazines, local and national, have critiqued her live and recorded work, as well.
Springboarding off of her quirky piano pop’s growing popularity, Lindsay Rae Spurlock recorded a new record, Heart On, with Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective) and began touring constantly. Two songs from Heart On were recently featured on the sountrack to MTV’s The Real World. She has opened for Lisa Loeb and has received offers from the likes of KT Tunstall and Imogen Heap. Lindsay Rae Spurlock is a natural performer and hard worker with an uncommon amount of natural talent; most don’t find it surprising that she is a cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis.
“I write my material first as therapy, to help me through different life situations that I might not understand. And then, I try to write from a universal perspective, in hopes that people, both young and old, can relate and feel my art too.”
Constantly writing and evolving, Spurlock’s voice and writing experience are beginning to add up to provide exponential success, but Spurlock’s independent attitude and humility keep her grounded and working hard. Spurlock’s goal is “to have tunes that span the globe and continue to positively grip people.”
“I write about things and situations that perplex me. Writing songs is a way to figure out answers, not necessarily to the situation but more for inner realization . . . Life inspires me. Every instance in life. I’m constantly experiencing new situations and everything is constantly changing … [Writing] is an inner self-release, an outlet to achieve some sort of understanding about the world that I’m living in.” Spurlock’s attention to the details of life is what imbues her songwriting with a passion and honesty that captures listeners.
“I feel like if my music is reaching people, I am working and moving forward, and good things are bound to take shape,”
“Spurlock’s songcraft calls to mind both classic electronically rooted rock greats but also pushes ahead into the future of rock and roll.”|– A&R Select
“Her name is Lindsay Rae Spurlock, and she has talent that the world should not miss! Lindsay has a very good voice, and can write some wonderfully plaintive songs. Definitely piano-driven. Definitely nice.”|- Joe Szczepaniak (Stage Hymns online magazine)
“…with songs like “November” Spurlock’s music reaches the audience on a deep level and lulls them into a state of nirvana and true serenity.”|-Iris Davis (Tiger Weekly Magazine-Baton Rouge, LA)
“The spellbinding track Let It Go - was recently tapped for an ad by chic L.A. clothing company Designateria.”|- Michael Andrews (Flagpole magazine-Athens,GA)
“Lindsay Rae Spurlock oozes rock and roll. As she poses for her pictures, her experience in the music industry is evident.”|- Alison Usher (Legacy Magazine)
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