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1/30/11 - We’reeeeeeee baaaAAAaaaccckkkk!!!!! Us Versus Them returns for good!! The Boston metalcore band Us Versus Them has reunited with all its original members (except for the drummer for now)
And that’s not all!!!! We are releasing a brand new full-length album ‘Seven Stations’ next month!!! The new CD has been completed and will be available on i-Tunes and other sites/stores soon.
In the mean time check out our trailer for Seven Stations on YouTube!!! Right here:|
and add us on Facebook!!!|!/pages/Us-Versus-Them/86617242376
**NEWS 06/06/2010 — My debut YouTube channel!! — stay tuned for regular videos|with old and new acoustic songs!!
**NEWS 03/18/2010 — As of today Matt Romero is the vocalist/guitarist for the new hard rock Boston-based band ‘The Living Modern’ please go here: **
Monday, March 1, 2010|Act III canned —Act II free w/code limited time only!|Hello, good morning and good night!
While Act III: Kill The Music Industry was officially canned*|all is not lost…
I am giving away 100 promo codes to download Act II: How|The West Was Won for FREE!
simply go to >>
and type ACT2NOW <<
NEWS: I am producing the full-length debut album for an upcoming hard-rock Boston band…stay tuned
PS Thank you again to all the great musicians who played on Act II and of course Matt Russell producer extraordinaire.
*Act III was halted and canceled for many reasons…but musically I am more active than ever and producing better sounding songs…for more info check
|NEWS — 2/28/10
Due to lack of band and other things…Act III: Kill The Music Industry the full length album is officially canceled and will be taken off most music sites.
For more music please check out Act II and the debut EP Us Versus Them from me, Matt Romero!
As for the future…I am currently producing an up and coming band’s debut album…
**YouTube video - History of Us Versus Them, Boston, MA, USA** A quick look at the evolution and history of the Boston based band Us Versus Them founded in 1999 by singer/songwriter/producer Matt Romero…
Hear Matt Romero’s first new studio EP|in 4 years reuniting with producer Matt|Russell. Act II: How The West Was Won|is sold on i-Tunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby,| and more!
Visit any of the sites listed below to|stream the new EP today!
Stay tuned for show dates!!||||||||||
—BIO—|Solo artist/producer Matt Romero’s journey began in the Winter of 1999 when he formed the band ‘Us Versus Them’.
Since then he has written, performed and self-produced over a dozen eclectic albums under the name ‘Us Versus Them’.
In 2005 Matt’s chance at a real studio record was finally conceived when Q-Division producer Matt Russell heard the song ‘New Mourning’ and was instantly convinced he wanted to work with Matt. Thus Matt’s first true studio album ‘Us Versus Them EP’ was born. The 4-song disc was a very experimental mature record almost or could be considered to be Adult Contemporary. With strings, horns and even a wurlitzer the sound was hard to classify and garnered rave reviews from critics around Boston. Unfortunately the album was lost in the shuffle of promoting when in 2006 Matt gave UVT a new sound…
Matt has recruited several musicians over the years and formed the first actual band line-up of UVT in 2005 with drummer Jon Ulman and the duo released their full-length album ‘After The Drama’ the following year to a very enthusiastic online crowd especially on Myspace and Purevolume.
Jon and Matt recruited bassist John Malzone and the trio began playing shows although the group was short lived and broke-up late 2006 with their last show at the now-defunct Abbey Lounge in Cambridge, MA.
The ‘Us Versus Them’ name was resurrected and re-born once again in 2007 when Matt paired up in an unlikely team with metal guitarist Rich Noe. The duo recorded UVT’s most polarizing album to date the heavy and politically influenced ‘We Will Expire’. The album was met with a warm reception and garnered many new listeners however most people who loved the old UVT sound were turned off by Matt’s new found screaming vocals and UVT’s new direction, also Rich and Matt had severe trouble finding a stable band line-up for an entire year until…
The saga of Us Versus Them officially ended on New Year’s day 2009. Before that in 2008, Matt and Rich actually found their band with lead guitarist Vaz Curpen, drummer Tim Lillis and returning bassist John Malzon from the rock days of old UVT. The line-up was in fact very solid and Rich, Matt and Vaz actually recorded a second album right before the final line-up solidified with the follow-up to 2007’s ‘We Will Expire’ and even heavier ‘Unknown Futures’. The new album further solidified ‘Us Versus Them’ as a bona-fide rising metal band from Boston. Matt finally achieved front-man status and had a supportive and incredibly talented band behind him, the band went on to play several great shows in front of many earning new fans everytime along the way. In the end however metal was not Matt’s calling, he felt the band deserved a true metal singer and he and the band parted ways on New Year’s day 2009.
So as the story goes, Matt decided ‘Us Versus Them’ had achieved everything he set out to do on that cold Winter day in 1999 starting as a High School graduate and computer-nerd who never played an instrument and never sung a day in his life ended up fronting an explosive talented rising band, recorded in one of the country’s top studios with a team of musicians, producer and engineers and more importantly Matt proved to himself and others a dream could be achieved when no one at first thought he could be a singer or a musician or even succeed in the music industry, he wrote some memorable songs, showed the world he could sing and was good enough to stand on his own in a professional studio with a producer who’s worked with some of the best talent in Boston and beyond…Matt finally became a musician in the eyes of others and to himself.
And so ‘Us Versus Them’ died on that fateful New Year’s day, when Matt was finally realized he didn’t need a name to finally fly on his own and show the world his music…
The first new chapter to Matt’s musical journey begins here in early 2009 with him under his own name as a true solo artist re-uniting with producer Matt Russell the duo are set to release Matt’s second studio EP: ‘Act II: How The West Was Won’ with a cast of incredible Boston musicians who performed on the album.
Get ready, Matt Romero is taking on the music world head-on and if you loved the old beloved Us Versus Them then you’re gonna love what he has in store next…
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