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Of course, many things had to be left out, but this will give you the picture. We decided to give you this time line, starting in reverse order, so his old school fans don’t have to read through what they already know. And for you new cats, start at the bottom. Love him, or hate him, PROZAK is one of the strongest driving forces in the horrorcore scene. This cat has managed his own groups, booked his own shows, and promoted his own music for many years. From flyering parking lots, to the billboard charts, here is a edited history of PROZAK.
|(2007)|PROZAK is on the verge of finishing his Debut SOLO ALBUM… “THE HITCHCOCK OF HIP-HOP”! The full length album is due to drop early summer, 2008! With special guests like… INSANE CLOWN POSSE, TWISTA, CYPRESS HILL, TECH N9NE, TWIZTID, KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, BLAZE, BIZZARE, BROTHA LYNCH, R.O.C., KING GORDY, & BIG KRIZZ KALICO. Production by Michael “Seven” Summers, Mike E. Clark, Gee Pierce, Rob Rebeck. The album will contain a FREE BONUS DVD DOCUMENTARY, with exclusive interviews from EVERYBODY who is featured on, or has worked on the album. Go behind the scenes, and into the studios, back stage rooms, and into the minds of the underground gods! Packed with music videos, and insanity, this dvd far exceeds any freebie!!! THE END IS NEAR…
|( late 2005)|PROZAK heads out on the ” MAN’S MYTH TOUR” with TWIZTID, and ANYBODY KILLA. Later that same year, PDM hits the road with INSANE CLOWN POSSE and VANILLA ICE for ICP’s anual Hallowicked Tour.
( spring 2005 )|PROJECT:DEADMAN hits news everywhere when a disturbed teen went on a shooting rampage in Red Lake Minasota. Of course, the media attacks the teens favorite groups, and it becomes another witch-hunt against artists. PROZAK decided to stand up against the claims of his music, and for that matter, any ones music being a factor in incidents like these. He landed him self on front pages of news papers and top story’s of several news staions defending artists and their music, his own band, and horrorcore in general. (check links below for more on this)
( 2004 after album dropped) PROJECT:DEADMAN’s debut album hit stores July 13th 2004. The album hit …84 on BILLBOARD’S TOP 200 RAP ALBUM’s it’s first week. Soon after it’s release PDM hit the road on a huge national tour with the entire STRANGE MUSIC roster, TECH N9NE - KRIZZ KALICO - KUTT CALHOUN - SKATTER & SNUG BRIM. The tour ended in November, and PDM did their final performance of 04 in December at PROZAK’s 5th annual WICKEDSTOCK.
( 2004 before album dropped) PROZAK decided to start a solo project, and began to get his collabs out of the way first. He contacted TECH N9NE, and did the first track with him called “ACCESS DENIED.” The song also featured the R.O.C., and was produced by the R.O.C. He then recorded the track ” BODY BAG” with THE DAYTON FAMILY.” Feeling like he was off to a hella good start, he then thought it was time to work with the legendary MIKE E. CLARK. After contacting MEC, they began to cut a few tracks together. Soon they realized what must be done, and the project then took a new shape and direction. The album became the project of a DEADMAN. The group was then formed! After almost completing the album, they sent a copy off to PROZAK’s homey TRAVIS O’GUIN.(ceo of strange music.) Travis returned to Hollywood to find the copy on his desk, and popped it in. After bumping the album, Travis called PROZAK and asked if he and MEC could fly out in 3 days. 3 days later PROZAK and MEC were in Hollywood meeting with Travis, TECH N9NE, and Mark Cerami. A deal was struck, and it became time for the record to be finished and ready for national release. In case you wanna know more about Strange Music inc., or M.S.C. entertainment, peep it:
*Well known for its deep-rooted success in the music industry, Strange Music/M.S.C. Music have hand-picked yet another weapon of mass consumption; “PROJECT: DEADMAN”. M.S.C. Music CEO, Mark Cerami, (notorious co-founder of Priority Records), has played a roll in the careers of artists such as, Dr Dre. Run DMC, ICE-CUBE, N.W.A., EAZY-E, MASTER P, and many more. M.S.C. has teamed with Strange Music (TECHN9NE, and motion picture “BEEF” soundtrack), to unleash the Midwests worst kept secret the debut release “Self Inflicted”, from PROJECT: DEADMAN which hits stores nationally on July 13th.|Consisting of members Mike E. Clark and Prozak, Project: Deadman is a super-group formed in 2003 from the Detroit area. Mike E. Clarks legendary production skills have garnered him multiple gold and platinum success, producing artists like ,KID-ROCK, GEORGE CLINTON, PRIMAL SCREAM, and INSANE CLOWN POSSE. Clark also heads Detroit-based indie label B4 Records, and Edge One Studios. Rapper PROZAKs acidic tongue has gotten him labeled the Stephen King of Rap” by Murder Dog magazine, hes been in the Midwest underground rap scene for years recording, marketing, and performing with his former group BEDLAM.
“Self Inflicted” contains 17 insanity-laden tracks drifting from industrial political screams, to slamming bass filled rhymes, along with ghostly morbid melody’s, this rock/rap duo are sure to catch a wide variety of followers.
The album features special guest appearances by the Kansas City King TECH N9NE, Flint, Michigan’s BREED, and THE DAYTON FAMILY, as well as Detroit’s own KING GORDY
( 1999 to 2003 ) Bedlam formed in early 1999. Bedlam’s idea was to take the wicked rap culture to another level. with roots spreading from the HOUSE OF KRAZEES, ESHAM, KGP. Bedlam had a wide variety of flavor, and connections. they decided it was time to boil all that down to a new potent narcotic.they hit the studio to record there debut cd CHEMICAL IMBALANCEZ VOL.1, an immediate cult classic. the album was wickedly original, and savage. they hit the Esham mail dominance tour, and introduced people to their new found style. after a year of touring with Esham, and the House Of Krazees, they decided to start a lable with Halfbreed, (formally hok2), the lable was known as Virus Independent. after a while, they felt it was time to do their own thing, and parted ways with the indy lable. they hit the studio to record the follow up album, CHEMICAL IMBALANCEZ VOL.2. they kicked off the release with prozak’s brainchild, “WICKED STOCK”(the 1st annual) at harpo’s in detroit.the album was a brutal success in the fans eyes, and became a classic in it’s own right! with Bedlam in full control of there music, and Prozak being the financial backer, and manager, they became a nemesis to the wicked underground. Bedlam followed up 2000-01 by doing a slew of under ground shows, with people like Esham(again) and Dayton Familly, Projectborn, Simkenheights, Krazyklan, Lavel, Halfbreed, Kapitol-G, and many others. during this era, Bedlam had began to break into ohio, and kentucky, and illinois. slowly leaking through city to city via internet, and hand to hand sales. Bedlam broke the mold of the under ground by being the only un-signed group to hit as hard as they did, album wise, sales wise, performance wise, and promotion wise. Between Madness’s connections, and Prozak’s thousands of dollars, and management skills, they were able to do what no one else could do, and thats blow up on their own, no lable, no distribution, no street team, just the dopest re-fined wicked shit out there! by the end of 2001, Bedlam was in the studio recording there 3rd album, “SHOCK TREATMENT”. The album was a dark and politicaly charged omen to the masses. this album showed a new side, and style of Bedlam, showing that they were versitile, and originaly creative. they drooped the album in april, 2002, at their then second annual Wickedstock. the album took off fast, being their number one seller, and prozak was re-ordering quick! They hit the other states harder this time, and hit other spots in michigan that they weren’t focused … They spent 2002 the same way, promoting, networking, and traveling city, to city to bring their dreams to a reality status, becoming more intense and obsessed on their carreer. by this time, Prozak, and Madness had become quick sand deep in the wicked shit, with Madness spending 10 years in the scene, and Prozak spending over $70,000 at this point, they knew there was no goin back to “ordinary life”, it became do, or die to them. 2003, Bedlam hits the studio to record an album in dedication to there supporters, coined as, “Bedlamitez”, they decide to bring all the elements of the past, and the elements of the future to create a simple yet complex album to light, “BEDLAMITEZ-RIZE”. They hit the streets between studio sessions, and began a war path of promo, Bedlam style. They decided on a special guest line up, and began to work on it. They called Esham, and he came up to their hotel room, Esham was like,” yo, Madness(curt-d), imma do this shit for you, because of all that art and shit you did for me over the years, but, i need some cash for this shit dogg”, so Prozak handed esham a few thousand, and that week they hit the studio. After recording half the album, Bedlam signed with Long range c.e.o., Mark Kempf, for a two album deal. This brought some relief to the group, because now they had a second party to help now prozak would be able to be just Prozak, not manager, promoter, booking agent, and investor. Bedlam decided to start hitting the live performance scene again, doing a string of FREE shows as part of the respects they were paying to their fans loyality over the years. they also made their 3rd annual Wickedstock a free show, and followed it up with a Wickedstock detroit show at the shelter in detroit, via ticketmaster. Now, this brings us to the end time of 2003, Bedlam dropped BEDLAMITEZ-RIZE, august 24th and continued to pound the underground, making people listen.
( 1995 - 1998 ) He recorded his first track in 1995, the song was called “RANSOME”. He decided from that point to persue a career in the scene, and began recording his first e.p, wich never was released.(only copies that exsist are floating around his friends.) He then started a group in 1997 with a child hood homey of his, the group was called “STRICT9NE”. They recorded an l.p. and released a few hundred cassette tapes. Shortly after, PROZAK’s homey ” HECKLES” was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison, where he still sits today, (eligable for parole in 2 years). So with his homey being locked up, PROZAK was ready to record another solo album, but before he started it, he met up with a guy named Curt-D. PROZAK and Curt-D realized they had alot in common as far as the style of music they were into, and wanted to create. PROZAK moved to Saginaw MI and began to work with him. He started off by doing personal security for R.O.C. who at the time was doing ” HOUSE OF KRAZEES 2.” This came about when Hok2 and the Krazy Klan were doing a show in Bay City Mi at a place called the calliber club. Curt-D was part of hok2’s stage show, so PROZAK came to check the show out. After the performance, everybody was drinking and hanging out together in the club. PROZAK noticed that about 20 guys were starting to cordinate around their table. He peeped that these guys were wearing combat boots with red laces, and the closer he watched he started to notice small swaztika’s on their right hands. He warned everyone about what he had noticed, and the skinheads realized they were onto their plan. The skinheads then become the hunted as they began to be circled by PROZAK and the whole crew, and the racist pussies then ducked out when it became obvious they were not only out matched, but seriously out gunned! After this incident, and checking into PROZAK’s martial art status. R.O.C. decided to offer PROZAK a job as personal security. He accepted, and began to work for latnem-hok2. Soon after, Curt-D asked PROZAK to become a member of the group he was starting, BEDLAM.

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